Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Play the addictive Pokemon game against thousands of online opponents with this official application


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  • Category Cards
  • Program license Free
  • Version TCGO
  • Size 287.52 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Nintendo

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online transfers the thrilling Pokemon based trading card game to your PC and lets you battle Pokemon Card collectors from around the world.

The original Pokemon game release back in 1995 and introduced Gameboy owners to Satoshi Tajiri's fantastical world where human trainers caught and trained a multitude of fanciful animals known as Pokemon, then used them to battle each other and win badges from a variety of Pokemon gyms.

The titular Pokemon were wildly varied and each conformed to a certain type, whether that was fire type, water type, psychic type or a number of others. Each type was strong against something and weak against something else. For instance fire types would be weak against water types but strong against leaf types. The player would have to collect a wide range of Pokemon and train them up through battle if they wanted to take on the host of gym leaders which each specialised in a different type of Pokemon.

The game spawned numerous sequels as well as a monumentally popular trading card game. The Pokemon Card Game took the basics of the game series and transfered it into the world of a collectible trading card game. Each of the types was transferred across and much like Magic the Gathering's mana system, players would play Energy Cards that correspond to their Pokemon types. The more powerful Pokemon and their more powerful attacks required a great number of Energy Cards to be played.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online does a great job of transferring the joys of collecting and battling Pokemon cards to an online service. You start with a basic deck and have to complete offline challenges and battle online opponents to build up credits. You can then use these credits to buy new card packs and expand your roster. If you've played the Pokemon Trading Card game before this should all be familiar to you but if you're a newcomer to the series then you may want to look up some tutorials as it's not tutorialised that well in game.


  • Faithful Conversion from the Real World Game
  • Huge Library of Cards
  • Never a Shortage of Opponents


  • Could Do With a Better Tutorial
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